Pauline Pamela Pratt

Executive Director

Mrs. Brianna Downing

Brianna Downing brings more than a decade of combined experience in writing and marketing communications, mostly in the non-profit sector and the advisory board of The Euphoria Project. Currently, as a communications manager at Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), a large non-profit public health institute located in Philadelphia, she oversees the editorial and design for marketing and communications projects for PHMC, its subsidiaries and external consulting clients.

Mrs. Vivat D. Pratt

Vivat Pratt has a more than 20 years of public service as a licensed Social Worker. Vivat Pratt provided a wide range of social services to children and families including counselling, life skills and parent coaching. Her vast experience includes securing homes for over 500 children throughout her career. Her compassion for children always gave Vivat an advantage to successfully reunite children with families or to secure the adoption of children in need of permanent homes. Vivat values the importance of the family unit in a child’s life.

Mrs. Ival Grant-Williams

Ival Grant-Williams has over ten years experience in public service, including non-profit management and government grant making. Her professional experience includes managing state-level economic development grant initiatives and establishing programs for urban youth. Ival successfully managed corporate and foundation support for a $1 million operating budget at one of the oldest community and housing development corporations in the South Bronx.

Ms. Kathleen Miller

Kathleen Miller is a registered nurse and a highly motivated health care professional dedicated to providing quality patient care; committed to upholding highest of nursing standards while working with diverse populations ranging from babies to geriatric patients in a variety of settings, including medical/surgical, telemetry, ambulatory surgery and ICU. She provides high quality patient care and support evidence-based nursing practices. Also Kathleen supports philosophy of integrative medicine, follows policies and procedures, stress value of preventive medicine.

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