What we do

Our focus is on all elements that impact the health of children and not just one particular aspect. The fundamental basis on how use to approach our work is to incorporate the culture of the community to provide services to vulnerable women and children in a comprehensive method. We also use local tools to connect new information to everyday actions mothers can take to promote children’s health and development. We implement evidence based interventions, community involvement and research to carry out our work. In addition, we work tirelessly to develop innovative outreach approaches that helps mothers absorb health information and gradually adopt behavorial changes.

Social Services

We work towards developing education programs referred to as Poverty Shield including vocational training and advocating for access to school for mothers and their families. Other aspects include imparting quality education and helping communities expand their economic development reach.

Early Childhood Development

We provide a way for toddlers to learn and develop skills to support education throughout their formative years. We focus on all the parts of the development including; social physical, intellectual, creative and emotional. The power of play initiative brings joy into the lives of toddlers by teaching parents how to foster healthy physical and cognitive development through play. The program engages families in educational activities and interactive parent-child play.

Child Health

We work with local health clinics to reduce child related illnesses, combat malnutrition and pre mature deaths due to treatable diseases in addition to improving new born and maternal healthcare. Through advocacy and providing health education we will be an agent of change to achieve our goals.

Child Survival

Intervention research programs are being developed in newborn survival to ensure the first thirty days of a newborn life is healthy. We also provide training and scholarships for midwives, nurses and community health workers to address the needs of childbirth and newborn care. We also address the needs of maternal health because it greatly impacts the health of the newborn.

Path – A map of how we expect to achieve our goals and objectives

Needs Assessment --> Education programmes --> Behavorial change --> Reinforcement
We have adopted a holistic approach to the problem requires scaling up of child and infant health and newborn care interventions, including integrated management of newborn and childhood illnesses. We have launched Euphoria to address these issues.

Where we would like to be – Our Vision

The name Euphoria Project, Inc. came from the vision of having the goal to aim for mothers and children to be blissfully happy because they are healthy. The name represents a feeling; an internal happiness that comes from good physical condition, mental fitness and a spiritual connection.

Why we exist

There is a child somewhere in the world under the age of five that died every 90 seconds because to disease or hunger. That equals to 960 children dying each and every single day mainly due to acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, measles, malaria and malnutrition. Nearly half of these deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. The child mortality rate recorded in year 2007 in Sierra Leone is one of the worse in the world, 192 deaths per 1000 births. Poverty is the underlining reason for the large numbers of death each year.

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