Good Nutrition During Pregnancy is the Goal


On April 8-9 2014, as part of National Public Health week, The Euphoria Project, Inc. held a free health promotion event for pregnant women and young mothers in Freetown, Sierra Leone. About 100 women gathered at The Hamilton Clinic to learn about nutritional needs during pregnancy. Established in 2010, The Euphoria Project, Inc. is a US-based nonprofit that seeks to improve child health by fostering healthy lifestyles through health promotion and education.

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First Feature; Head Nurse of Hamilton Village, Mrs. Margaret Pratt


Sierra Leone: Lactating Mothers Commend Euphoria

On Saturday 7th April 2012, more than 100 Sierra Leonean children under the age of five received clothes and shoes from the Euphoria Project Inc., in partnership with the Hamilton Community Health

Clinic which was aimed to complement the government's free health care scheme for pregnant women. The clothes were given to mothers who want to provide for their families but are financially in need

of assistance. Mothers were given an entire wardrobe including hats, socks, bibs and other accessories for their babies.

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Our Perspective, An Open letter....


Helping one mother at a time, one baby, one family and one community at a time

I would like to use this page to showcase the progress women are making toward improving their own lives and the lives of other mothers and their children. (to be provided)

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