Why we exist

There is a child somewhere in the world under the age of five that died every 90 seconds because to disease or hunger. That equals to 960 children dying each and every single day mainly due to acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, measles, malaria and malnutrition. Nearly half of these deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. The child mortality rate recorded in year 2007 in Sierra Leone is one of the worse in the world, 192 deaths per 1000 births. Poverty is the underlining reason for the large numbers of death each year. This societal issue is the reason so many other problems exist including poor working conditions for health workers which impacts on the quality, availability of access to health services, lack of education and a high illiteracy rate. This combined with corruption equals a largely dysfunctional system that is ill-equipped to handle the high death rate of new born babies and children under the age of five.