Pauline Pamela Pratt

Executive Director

The mantra that guides me and the purpose for my goal is that I want to serve as a catalyst to infuse health and happiness within communities in need. This is also the guiding principle for the Euphoria Project, Inc. I have worked in the public sector for over eleven years in various capacities to address social problems and develop innovative ways to maximize the utilization of resources for the greatest impact on the output. Some of the social problems that I have worked tirelessly to address include issues such as urban education, homelessness, peacekeeping and the impact on civil conflict on children in addition to public health and women empowerment.

I started Euphoria because I saw there was a need and also because I believe a healthy start for babies can open up opportunities for adults to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. I also believe a strong foundation from inception can provide the roots to building strong families, communities and countries. There is nothing in life more precious and more fulfilling to me that to care for children. And there is nothing more disheartening to see children suffering needlessly and for the lack of basic health education which could literally save a life. Moreover, Euphoria also supports the development of mothers so barriers can be removed from the attention required to care for their children. Helping this population is an investment to the future and it is what I believe I was called to do.
I studied Public Policy at Syracuse University earning a Bachelors of Arts with a focus on societal problems and a Master of Arts in Public Administration from City University of New York.