Path – A map of how we expect to achieve our goals and objectives

Needs Assessment --> Education programmes --> Behavorial change --> Reinforcement
We have adopted a holistic approach to the problem requires scaling up of child and infant health and newborn care interventions, including integrated management of newborn and childhood illnesses. We have launched Euphoria to address these issues.

We are a small organization that is trying to be a change agent at the grass root level in communities that are most affected by lack of resources and access to adequate health services. We focus on education by providing mothers techniques to make simple changes to living conditions such as improving hygiene in order to increase the health of their children. Mothers who are educated will also have increased confidence in the ability to take care of their children, therefore providing a healthier relationship and environment for them.

Education will be complimented with strategies for behavorial change. The cultural attitudes are deep rooted and sometimes conflict with science, research and best practices for caring for children. Our aim is to penetrate the cultural beliefs to undo the generational layers that make changing behaviors very challenging. We also plan to strengthen the services we provide by including social services and follow up visitation in the home to ensure the information in reinforced.