Mrs. Vivat D. Pratt

Vivat Pratt has a more than 20 years of public service as a licensed Social Worker. Vivat Pratt provided a wide range of social services to children and families including counselling, life skills and parent coaching. Her vast experience includes securing homes for over 500 children throughout her career. Her compassion for children always gave Vivat an advantage to successfully reunite children with families or to secure the adoption of children in need of permanent homes. Vivat values the importance of the family unit in a child’s life. Her exceptional problem solving skills and patience has handled the most difficult cases of child abuse and /or neglect. Vivat’s mantra is that every child deserves to have a happy healthy environment to grow up and become productive adults. Vivat has also dedicated her career to Preventative Services because she knows the value of addressing the potential problems in the family home before it becomes a critical situation. She has provided individual and family counselling to teenagers and families addressing issues affecting their well-being. Vivat’s consistent high performances lead her to managerial positions, coaching, training and supervisory roles as Director of Foster Care and Adoption at Child Development Support Corporation in Brooklyn, New York. Vivat has a Bachelors of Arts degree from Brooklyn College and a Masters of Social Work from Fordham University.