Good Nutrition During Pregnancy is the Goal

On April 8-9 2014, as part of National Public Health week, The Euphoria Project, Inc. held a free health promotion event for pregnant women and young mothers in Freetown, Sierra Leone. About 100 women gathered at The Hamilton Clinic to learn about nutritional needs during pregnancy. Established in 2010, The Euphoria Project, Inc. is a US-based nonprofit that seeks to improve child health by fostering healthy lifestyles through health promotion and education.

During the program held this week, the women were trained to identify healthy foods choices that would provide the best nourishment for the baby, as well as their own bodies. The mothers also learned about unhealthy foods and health risks associated with eating certain food that can be unsafe. As part of the sustainable efforts, mothers learned how to grow their own vegetables to provide for their families.

The Euphoria Project, Inc. has partnered with the Hamilton Health Clinic for over two years providing baby clothes and baby kits as well as workshops on family planning, childhood diseases and child safety. The project will also expand to include workshops for both mother and father as well as child development in the future.