Child Health

We work with local health clinics to reduce child related illnesses, combat malnutrition and pre mature deaths due to treatable diseases in addition to improving new born and maternal healthcare. Through advocacy and providing health education we will be an agent of change to achieve our goals.

The Euphoria Project Inc. parent education programme is designed to offer both the child and mother (or primary caregiver) exceptional educational techniques for mothers and babies in a warm, family-friendly environment. Parents are taught specific activities and techniques to foster their own child's growth and development. The program is oriented through parent education and as a tool for health promotion.

Mothers will learn the benefits and consequences of how they care for their babies. Mothers will also learn early signs for potential problems and early intervention measures. Coaching parents and providing them with support is essential to develop a child and also child survival. The programme includes the Mommy and Me, Toddler and Me, as well as a parent support group.